BLANCO Receives Four Awards in 2016

Frank Advertising client, BLANCO wins four Silver awards; two at the Communicator Awards and two at the Summit Creative Awards. BLANCO, the German creator of innovative and extraordinary kitchen sinks and faucets, won two 2016 Silver Communicator Awards for its Faucet Brochure in the Brochure Category and for its “Sink Envy” Trade Ad in the Print Advertising Category. BLANCO also won two Silver 2016 Summit Creative Awards for its creative works in the Showroom Catalog in the Catalog/Cover/Newsletter Category and for the “Sink Envy” Trade Ad in the B-to-B Trade Category.

“BLANCO has made great strides to keep our product at the peak of innovation, and in this case, to be recognized for the efforts of our marketing strategies proves that those strategies too are innovative,” states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “As a team, we are grateful to have won these awards, and are hopeful for future success in the years to come as we continue to push the envelope on creative works.”


The Communicator Awards is the premier international awards program for acknowledging big ideas in marketing and communications. Since its inception two decades ago, The Communicator Awards receives over 6,000 entries from companies and agencies of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world. To be named a winner at this prestigious ceremony provides the company and their clients the recognition they deserve, and validation that their work is highly regarded by their peers within the industry.

sca logo

The Summit Creative Award (SCA) recognizes and celebrates the creative achievements of small and medium sized advertising agencies worldwide with annual billings under $30 million. Celebrating its 22nd year, the SCA has firmly established itself as the premier arbiter of creative excellence for firms of this size and has become a coveted honor.

KBB Readers Choice Awards 2016_WINNER

Along Side BLANCO, three design forward clients of Frank Advertising have also won awards in the Kitchen and Bath Business Readers’ Choice Awards: BLANCO for kitchen sinks, Poggenpohl for kitchen cabinets, Top Knobs and Hardware Resources for decorative hardware, and Hardware Resources for bath cabinets/vanities and functional hardware.

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Apps on my wish list this year….

If you are a PR  or social media  professional – working on the go is just about a requirement of the job. Here are some apps I wish someone would come up with:

download1) Around Me Power Station
Find me a plug. Please. I’m out of juice. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an app to help you locate that last plug at Newark Airport?

2) Mind Reader
Eliminate long email strings with this app that reads the mind of the person you are talking with. Translate from “there’s nothing new about this product” to “our product manager – who no one has asked – spent six months on every detail to make this ‘me-too’ product better than anyone else’s and here’s why…”

3) Caffeine Meter
Sets alarms and automatically tells you when you need to refuel – measuring the exact time between your last cup of Joe and that 5-hour energy that’s in your car’s cup holder.

Beyond fantasy – there are a lot of great apps that really do work for on the go pros. 
1) DropBox is one of my favorites. You can have your press kits and images ready to go to editors 24/7 by sharing and copying links out in real time vs. waiting to get to a computer.

2) Hootsuite is one of the best all around apps for managing social media on the fly. You can follow hashtags, hold a twitter chat, retweet, all on your phone for multiple clients – all through one app.
3) Constant Contact, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, Google+ – name the tool and it has an app that lets you drive your campaigns from afar.

4) IMDB – I’m a pop culture idiot. I can’t remember names of celebrities or what movies they were in. I am too busy reading magazines to pay attention to TV a lot of times. So IMDB is my “celebrities for dummies” guide to who’s who.

5) Readers like FlipBook that let you follow your favorite blogs and consolidates them into one app. Especially since Google Reader went bye, bye. Read the blogs! I can’t ever emphasis enough that if you are pitching them – you gotta be reading them.

6) Podcasts (If you have an Apple device), Podcasts are a necessity. From learning Spanish, to learning about social media to learning more about Vegetarian eating – podcasts are a fantastic way to make long drives to the client go faster and more productively. Social Media Examiner is one of my faves:

And if you like running and eating healthy – I’m a total fan of this one:

By Lori Dolnick, Senior Vice President, Frank Advertising

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BLANCO and Tile of Spain digital projects win APEX Awards

Two Frank Advertising clients were recipients of 2015 APEX Awards of Excellence, BLANCO and Tile of Spain.

BLANCO, German innovator of exceptional kitchen sinks and faucets, has been honored with an APEX Award of Excellence for its continuously successful BLANCO-by-Design blog and social media content.

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER), has been awarded an APEX Award of Excellence in the WordPress category for its website,

APEX 2015_winnerThe APEX Awards for Publication Excellence are based on graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. This is the 27th year of the awards.

Published by the editors of Writers Web Watch, there were nearly 1,900 entries in 11 major categories. A panel of four judges, all experienced in writing, editing or publishing, selects the awards each year.




For three generations, BLANCO has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, BLANCO is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before it receives the BLANCO name. For more information, visit

About Tile of Spain

In Spain, tile makers labor as they have for centuries – pushing their passion for design and innovation to new levels of artisanship. With one of the purest and strongest domestic clays available, Spanish manufacturers have an unparalleled ability to make the end product more diverse. From rustic handmade forms; to technical facades that cool buildings and clean the air; to the impossibly slim, sustainable recycled and ink jet masterpieces that fire the imagination. The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER) is the private organization whose primary objective is to support Spain’s ceramic tile manufacturers and the industry as a whole by stewarding and promoting the Tile of Spain brand worldwide. A strong global leader, the ceramic tile industry of Spain comprises 125 manufacturers concentrated primarily in the province of Castellón. For more information, visit

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Three Innovative Kitchen & Bath Companies Win Readers’ Choice Award

Three design forward kitchen brands were recipients of the Kitchen and Bath Business Readers’ Choice Awards: BLANCO for kitchen sinks, Poggenpohl for kitchen cabinets and Top Knobs for decorative hardware.


The honor is even more meaningful given that more than 1,800 readers and designers voted online for their favorite brands and manufacturers in 23 kitchen and bath categories.

Specific criteria were assigned to each category to select the winners including craftsmanship, design/style, finishes, construction quality and durability just to name a few. Blanco, Poggenpohl and Top Knobs all exemplify the highest standards of design, quality and innovation and were well deserving of their respective awards.


For three generations, BLANCO has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, BLANCO is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before it receives the BLANCO name. For more information, visit

About Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl creates luxury kitchens and has been at the forefront of kitchen cabinetry design for over 120 years. For more information, visit

About Top Knobs

Top Knobs specializes in fine decorative hardware for the kitchen and bath. Designers value Top Knobs for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to fine architectural detail – which is immediately apparent in the weighted feel and in the character of each hand-finished creation. They have over 4,000 kitchen, bath and closet designs, to match nearly every individual style and décor. Quality, craftsmanship, longevity and selection -


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BLANCO ONE Collection is 2014 IDEA Award Finalist

Finalist14_blackBLANCO, German innovator of extraordinary kitchen sinks and faucets, is a 2014 International Design Excellent Awards® (IDEA) finalist for the beautiful BLANCO ONE™Collection.

“We are so excited to have been recognized as a finalist for the 2014 International Design Excellence Awards,” states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “With over 2,000 entries this year from around the world, we are proud of the fact that the BLANCO ONE Collection stainless steel sinks got noticed for its commanding functionality, high performance and customized features that fit with so many personalized lifestyles.”

“This year’s IDEA jury had a fairly audacious task judging more than 2,000 entries. As we made our way through the entries, we had to make tough choices. Be assured that each and every design submitted contributed to a vigorous and thoughtful debate. We congratulate BLANCO on their work and for making it to the final round,” stated Tad Toulis 2014 IDEA Jury Chair.

IDEA has for 35 years recognized design excellence in products, sustainability, and interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts and welcomed entrees from students to worldwide companies. Winners and finalist showcase the best examples of design insight, talent, passion and design excellence.

BLANCO’s agency of record is Frank Advertising who has won numerous awards for its creative and strategic work on behalf of BLANCO including a Silver Event Technology Award, a Silver Davey Award, a Silver W3 Award and many, many others.

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Five Strategic Steps to Effective Public Relations

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 1.28.06 PM

Reprinted from MarketShare newsletter – an informative resource provided by Qualified Remodeler.

Five Steps to Effective Public Relations

By Lori Dolnick, Frank Advertising

1. Read what they read.
Before you craft your message or take your first photo, read what your target reads. Browse magazines (digital and print); subscribe to everything and read bloggers on Feedly and Flipboard. Set a Google Alert on brands or topics and receive emails daily with relevant story links. Know what messages your competitors are putting out. Know the editors and what they are looking for. By absorbing the information around your target, you will see where there are opportunities – awards you can enter, upcoming editorial that will be a fit. Too many PR people do not take the time to be part of the world their clients and target audiences live in. And they wonder why their messages are not resonating or being picked up.

2. It’s a visual world take a photo.
Now that we suggested you read – we have to impart the cold reality that “no one else reads anymore.” (According to, 50% of you have already stopped reading this story.) While the message is important, the photography is even more important. Does the photography demonstrate your strengths? Is it professional and of the same quality as photos you’ve seen picked up? Do you have both lifestyle photos and photos against a white backdrop? If you want good results, invest in good photography.

3. Dig for gold.
Many times we receive product for PR purposes without any backdrop. If you want a story… you need to create a story (a true story). The person who spent months engineering the product certainly had their reasons. And when you dig a little deeper – you often find gold. Even “me-too” products have their strong points. It’s less expensive, it’s easier to install, it’s on trend or designers kept asking for it. Dig for gold before you craft a message.

4. Craft your message.
Follow the same journalistic approach as editors do and lead with the most important point. Everything you need to know in that first sentence/headline. Remember, no one is still reading this story so whatever we needed you to know – it was in the first paragraph. As a reminder, it was that thing about time. No one has it. So get to the point. After that, you can put in quotes from your product team, specs, prices, colors, etc. Remember step one about reading? Product news most often has just a photo and a caption. If you can’t say it in a caption of 50-100 words – you won’t get pick up.

5. Distribute your message.
Now it’s time to deliver the story. Wire releases through sources like PR Web are great for online search, but won’t get you published. You really need to email the appropriate editors directly. And look proactively for opportunities on a site like HARO. Send editors a link to view and download high-resolution photos. They really want that in your first communication to them – they may not even take time to ask you for it after. Using a program that can deliver quality HTML images (like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp) helps editors see what you have without opening attachments. PDF files of your catalog or sell sheets are useless at this phase. They want real images and text documents.

Qualified Remodeler’s Market Share email newsletter is sent monthly to executives engaged in marketing building products and services to residential construction professionals. Its purpose is to disseminate expert information on how to effectively market to residential construction professionals. (Mark Taussig, Group Publisher)

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BLANCO wins prestigious 2013 Summit Creative Awards for creative excellence in marketing and advertising

BLANCO, German innovator of finely crafted sinks and faucets, wins two distinguished 2013 Summit Creative Awards (SCA) for excellence in creative marketing and advertising. The BLANCO 2013 showroom catalog won a Silver Summit Creative Awards and the BLANCO MODEX™ kitchen sink workstation advertisement won a Bronze Summit Creative Award in the B2B Trade Publication Category.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 2.39.30 PM

The Summit Creative Awards are part of the Summit International Awards, an organization that recognizes global creative talent in advertising agencies that spark innovation with award-winning creative concepts and achievements. This year’s competition included 5,000 entries from over 25 countries in 19 major categories.

“Winning a Summit Creative Award is a significant accomplishment and the creative work this year was outstanding,” states Jocelyn Luciano, Executive Director for the Summit International Awards (SIA). “Watching the judges debate the details of individuals entries in the run-off for the top spots was inspiring.”

BLANCO’s agency of record is Frank Advertising who has won previous awards for its creative and strategic work on behalf of BLANCO including a Silver Event Technology Award, a Silver Davey Award and a Silver W3 Award.

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BLANCO wins Silver 2012 Event Technology Award Best Use of Social Media for its Water For People Twitter Campaign

BLANCO, German innovator of finely crafted sinks and faucets, wins a Silver 2012 Event Technology Award (ETA) in the Best Use of Technology To Build Event Attendance category. BLANCO along with Modenus, held a packed Champagne and Cupcakes Tweet-A-Thon event during the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) to raise money for Water For People, a charitable organization that ensures sustainable safe and clean drinking water for people around the world. Hundreds of tweets from designers, editors, writers and invited guests, reached almost a million people during the event, which lasted for a few hours. BLANCO leveraged the event to launch their CERANA™ Fireclay Apron Front Sink, CRYSTALLINE™ Hideaway Sink and a new collection of water saving faucets during the show.

The ETA’s goal is to choose the best use of event technology which heightens brand experiences, develops strong outreach and communication while creating an open dialogue between product brand promotion and target audiences during trade shows or events.

“This is exciting for BLANCO and for all of our Twitter followers,” states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “BLANCO has fully embraced social media in all aspects and it is indeed an honor to be recognized for our efforts with this prestigious award while giving us a chance to help raise much needed funds for Water For People.

To learn more, follow BLANCO @blancoamerica on Twitter.


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BLANCO launches new online how-to videos to help customers with sinks and faucets

BLANCO how-to videos offer tips and advice 24/7

BLANCO, German innovator of finely-crafted sinks and faucets, debuts educational how-to videos on The videos offer step-by-step tutorials designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about sinks and faucets including: 1) How-to clean a SILGRANIT® II sink 2) How-to change a ceramic faucet disk cartridge and 3) How-to select a stainless steel sink.

BLANCO’s short how-to videos offer expert tips and advice from purchasing a sink or faucet to maintaining one for the long term. BLANCO plans to continuously update this online channel with new videos ongoing (on topics such as how to buy a faucet or how to green your kitchen).

“The how-to videos are an extension of BLANCO’s exceptional customer service heritage,” states Christy Emens, Marketing Communications Manager for BLANCO. “We constantly look for ways to improve the experience of our customers. And these learning tools are designed to give homeowners more knowledge about purchasing a BLANCO product as well as to answer basic questions that often come after product purchase. The best part is that these answers are available 24/7.”

For more information please visit


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Tile of Spain Manufacturers: The Size & Plaza Ceramicas Take Home 2012 KB Culture Awards Honor

Plaza Ceramicas Eco-Logik porcelain floor received a 2012 KB Culture Honor in the Tile category

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 200 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) recently won 2012 KB Culture Awards honors for The Size and Plaza Ceramicas products for their innovative style and Eco-Friendly Design.

KB Culture,  is a selective online review of international products, places and perspectives central to kitchen and bath design produced by the well-known editor and author Leslie Clagett.

Tile of Spain The Size manufacturer won the Surfacing category for its Neolith porcelain product, a unique 5/16-inch surfacing slab product-available up to 145 inches long-that can render joints in counter stretches obsolete.

Plaza Ceramicas received an 2012 KB Culture honorable mention in the Tile category for its Eco-Logik porcelain floor tile that boasts 85 percent recycled-material content that sets a high standard for both Eco-conscious manufacturing and performance. It is non-porous, slip-resistant and durable.


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